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Make a Christian Checklist!


Got that checklist out?  Do you want to be a better Christian?

Then this is something you need to read!  

I admit it.  I used to be a major list person.  I made lists all the time.  I loved checking things off that list, so much so that I would add things on it that I had done just so I could check them off!!  Can anyone relate? Continue reading Make a Christian Checklist!

Fashionable at 55!


Last year at this time I was working part time at a clothing boutique. And it had been established that I like clothes. I still like them. I still like fashion. However, I do not want to try and dress like a 35 year old.Fashionable at 55!

Dressing like that 35 year old isn’t a problem. My “bad hip” has required me to wear “sensible” shoes and although I still like “skinny jeans”…..there are limits. And now that I work at the radio station, being “fashionable” isn’t a real concern. Continue reading Fashionable at 55!

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear


I have been known to have a “stubborn streak”. At least I have been told that over the years. But I think with age I have become a little less so….I guess I should ask the hubby .

And if I am painfully honest with myself,  I am a “fixer”. I am a “mother” and “teacher” who wants to do those things with most people I know…fix the problems, mother the person and teach them too! Continue reading Eyes to See and Ears to Hear