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Fashionable at 55!


Last year at this time I was working part time at a clothing boutique. And it had been established that I like clothes. I still like them. I still like fashion. However, I do not want to try and dress like a 35 year old.Fashionable at 55!

Dressing like that 35 year old isn’t a problem. My “bad hip” has required me to wear “sensible” shoes and although I still like “skinny jeans”…..there are limits. And now that I work at the radio station, being “fashionable” isn’t a real concern. Continue reading

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I Like Clothes!

I am not going to lie.

I like clothes. I totally enjoy working part time in a clothing boutique. It is fun to “try on” new clothes and see how they look and feel.

It would be easy at this point to say that it doesn’t matter what I wear (and it really doesn’t) but I do like looking nice and “false humility” is not my game.

But what am I really clothed in that matters?

I LIKE Clothes!

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