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Always Beautiful


The next several days I will not be wearing eye makeup. None, at all…nada. I have a “clogged oil gland” on my lash line in my right eye. There is some medical term, but I don’t know what it is.

(First public appearance at son’s bday party)

“Are you tired?” was a question I was asked yesterday. My normal sarcastic reply was muted for a more civil one. I hope that attitude lasts a few days. Continue reading Always Beautiful

Repel to Climb!


Have you ever repelled down the side of a cliff?

Or better yet, looked up to climb a mountain?

Lowering yourself along the side of a cliff to reach the bottom is easier it seems…but climbing up a mountain can be a struggle. You feel like the air has been knocked out of you. Continue reading Repel to Climb!

Baggage and Carry Ons!


I use to have a lot of “baggage”. Let’s put it this way, if I flew today and checked the baggage I use to carry, I could not afford to take the trip.

Yeah. That was me. Continue reading Baggage and Carry Ons!