Baggage and Carry Ons!


I use to have a lot of “baggage”. Let’s put it this way, if I flew today and checked the baggage I use to carry, I could not afford to take the trip.

Yeah. That was me.

I was one of those young ladies with “daddy issues”. Quite honestly, even at 56 years of age I would still love to get a note from him telling me how proud he was of me. I still cry when I see those commercials or videos with a daughter and her daddy.

I missed the approval of a Father. My parents divorced when I was a preteen.   I simply have no memories of him giving me any type of positive attention. My mom tries to remind me how he took care of me when I was little. That still didn’t fill that void that every daughter needs…..

Somehow I did not go looking for love….in fact, I was convinced it would never find me. I was always the “friend” every boy wanted, never the one to be loved. Then I met my husband at 16 years old.

He learned of all my baggage and decided to take it on….wow!  He helped me carry it and at times it was really heavy. At times he would have had many reasons to discard it on the curb and go on.

Then I discovered somehow through it all I had a Daddy. It wasn’t the Daddy that I thought it was, but a heavenly Daddy who loved me unconditionally. His love broke through and rescued me.psalm-55_22

Friends, please know that no matter what baggage you carry the Father loves you with all His heart. He is patient, kind, loving, gracious, peaceful, understanding…all of the things that so many of us wanted in an earthly Father, but for what ever reason did not have it. God will pick up all that baggage and carry it for us.

All we have to do is let Him.luggage

Sometimes I even have to hand Him my small “carry on” because when I let it, it can become heavy too.

~Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


*personal graphics, AMP Bible

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