Encouragement for Today

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Roots by the Stream

Keep your roots by the stream and no matter… in the Lord.  I know that is not always easy for I have been there.  But He is ever so faithful.

Jeremiah 17_7-8

~Be Encouraged Today~



Curled Up in the Light


Oscar loves laying on the back of the couch. We have a large “picture” window that allows tons of light to filter into the front room.

This cold spell with temps in the 20-30’s has had me wanting to curl up on the back of the couch and feel that sun beating down on me too.

But I thought it might be a little weird for the neighbors.

But isn’t it interesting how we are really drawn to the light and the warmth? Right now my social media is full of posts from people on vacations in warmer climates right now.

We are naturally drawn to the “light”. Sometimes we don’t know what we are drawn to or why…but our Lord draws us to Him. He wants us to bask in His light. He wants to give us the warmth to get through the tough times. It feels good to curl up and rest in Him.




Trust Him friends, He can get you through it all.

~Be Encouraged Today~



Love “Ain’t” Always Easy!

Do we love ourselves?  That sounds so “self centered” doesn’t it?

But do we have confidence in who we are in Christ?  Do we believe that we are loved without condition?  Knowing how much we are loved allows us to love our neighbors and even those we might not think we could ever love!

I have indeed “been there, done that”.

I have to admit I don’t love someone in my own strength in order to surrender to His love…which allows me to love others.

Just being real today friends!

Matthew 22_37-39

~Be Encouraged Today~