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Honest Kids

legs-216618_640Little kids crack me up. They are so honest, sometimes brutally so….and if you have been on the receiving end of that brutality you are not sure whether to scold, laugh or cry.

They cry when they hurt. They scream when they are mad. They yell when someone aggravates them. Fear will often drive them into their parent’s beds at night. Continue reading



Rocky and Mickey


Most of you have seen the “Rocky” movies. The first movie was my favorite. In fact, the first Rocky movie was one of the first dates I had with my husband.  He even bought me the soundtrack, it was an album back then!! And yes, I had the teeshirt!

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No Adequate Words

The last couple of weeks I have not had words to share.img_4561

And for me that is a bit unusual. I always seem to have something to say.  Continue reading