Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

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The Triplets

We have “triplets” in our yard.  They are squirrels that I believe have trained at a far away circus over the winter.  They showed up late spring/early summer with skills I only thought possible in a circus setting.

We have had a slinky (toy) on our bird feeder poles for two years now.  What had been a wonderful deterrent for squirrels now has proven to be a simple springboard for their acrobatic talents.

The birds are no longer safe.  So, we had to come up with something else.

I had an old metal bird cage that we hung from a tree in our yard. We wired all the doors open and set corn in the bottom.  We thought we could all coexist in beautiful harmony.IMG_0693

The squirrels would be happy, have a way in and out, and leave the bird feeders alone.

Alas, it was not to be.

The squirrels would eat from the birdcage, finish it all, and make their way to the feeders.  They even began flying across from the far away branches.  Can you say… “flying squirrels?”

Actually, they have been quite funny to watch.  They would sit in the cage’s bottom and if we would clap or yell, they would get flustered and forget about their way out.  They had three exits to choose from, and yet, they often panicked.

Just like us.

The Heavenly Father provides for us, and we still flail around like we don’t know what to do.  

Jesus is who we turn to.  Jesus is our way, He is our provision.  

Life is crazy right now..personally, nationally, globally.  Sometimes I am like those squirrels…a bunch of twirling and panic when all the while Jesus is my provision.

Let Christ be yours.

~Be Encouraged Today





Do you remember the character from the Charlie Brown series that was called “Pig Pen”?  He seemed to have somewhat of a smile on his face and smudges of dirt all over his clothes and face.  He also had a cloud of dust that was surrounding his legs and feet.pig pen

Isn’t that a perfect example of how we all feel right now?  The smudges are all of our “normal” pressures that go with living this life on planet earth.  Everyone is going through some kind of issues.  We have illnesses with loved ones, know of friends and family with no jobs, cancer, divorces, family pressures…the list goes on.

Those are the smudges all over us.

Then add the worldwide pandemic and unrest, the national issues on top of all of that…

That cloud of dust that follows Pig Pen around is there with all of us.

The Father has been leading me to several passages of scripture lately.  And basically they all say….”Keep your eyes off the smudges, because if you rub them they just get worse, they won’t always go away.  Keep your eyes on the Father and the source of those battles, they are not what you think.”

Colossians 3_2-4

I think the cloud and smudges are not going any where honestly.  So we have a choice…where does our focus need to be?  I know that I need that reminder over and over.


May you be encouraged with that reminder today.


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Dig Into my Rest!

Evidently the squirrel my neighbor saw in our yard was digging like he was looking for buried treasure.  He might know something we don’t know about what is in there.

I watched another squirrel fight my bird house deterrent as if he was in battle.  No, it was most likely not the same because I have seen the quads working in tandem on several mornings.

They are young squirrels who argue in trees, chase each other and apparently enjoy digging quite a bit.

The Father spoke to my heart as I watched them.

“Dig In to my Rest.”

In the midst of all the chaos that has surrounded us for several months, in the midst of all the uncertainty that seems to be our future….

The Father reminded me that religion won’t hold me up.  Legalism won’t hold me up.  Political correctness or incorrectness won’t hold me up.  The government won’t hold me up.  

Nothing of this world will hold me up.

So we have to dig in.  Just like the squirrels that trust their digging will actually reap benefits.  They dig in without knowing the outcome.  They live their life, trusting their provider.

We have to trust that He is who He says He is…

We have to trust that He will do what He said He will do…

We have to trust that we are who He says we are…

We have to trust that His word is alive and active in our lives…

And We just have to rest in it all.

It feels weird, we don’t know the outcome, we honestly can not even make plans.

But, we can Dig In and 

Rest in Christ.

The squirrels may have if figured out after all.


I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. – Jeremiah 31:25

~Be Encouraged Today