Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.


Births and Birthdays

Today our eldest celebrates his 32nd birthday. He was the child we practiced on. He was the one that was over protected and the one that we followed every single rule in child rearing. We barely let anyone even keep him when he was little. Poor guy.

But he is also the one who introduced us to “unconditional love.” We never understood it until he was born.

When the second was born, it was “he is two weeks old and we are going to be gone all evening!” In having the first son, we kind of learned what to do and not to do with babies. And our “unconditional love” understanding just deepened.

And even as I write this, I am giddy about the fact that we will have our very first grand baby in August. This little girl has already captured our hearts. I have her 20 week sonogram photo on our refrigerator. Of course it is the very first item on the front of this fridge..ever. I bet we end up devoting the entire fridge to her artwork! I also hear that being a grandparent is a lot more fun that having the original children!!

Aren’t you glad that the Father did not have to practice on us? He allows us to make our own decisions even when they are not the best for us. He never leaves us, and He is giddy about us. His unconditional love for us is simply indescribable.

I like that. As we celebrate the child, the now man,  that made us parents, I rejoice in the fact that the Father celebrates with us as well. 

Sometimes I forget that and Father God uses a birthday and a grandchild’s sonogram picture to remind me just how special He thinks we are…..

~Be Encouraged Today~




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~The Ocean Series~ Buoys with a Purpose

I just love sitting on the beach facing the ocean. I can literally do it for hours. It is so many things to people. Sometimes I like looking out at that huge expanse and seeing all the things in it, and imagining what is underneath the surface.

The “buoys” bobbing in the water fascinate me. Sometimes there are birds sitting on top of them. They usually look worn because they have been there for a while.

This is a true definition of the noun, “Buoy”: a distinctively shaped and marked float, sometimes carrying a signal or signals, anchored to mark a channel, anchorage, navigational hazard, etc., or to provide a mooring place away from the shore. Continue reading

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~The Ocean Series~ Rip Currents


The ocean can bring us such serenity. Sometimes gazing out at the beauty does not always reveal the dangers that lurk within. It seems like a lot of people around me are dealing with another aspect of that beauty….

Rip Currents

When the water is trapped between an underwater sand bar and the shore, those currents push back out to sea. These currents are dangerous and if we are in the ocean swimming we must be aware of them.

If we get caught in one, our natural tendency is to fight to swim back to shore, but we are to swim parallel to the shore to get out of the riptide and swim back to the shore to safety.

If you find yourself in a “riptide” of circumstances, fight the urge to “fix it” with your natural tendencies. Swimming parallel reminds me that we are to go with the Father. Rest in HIM.

Allow the Father to help you swim parallel. You will get back to shore.  You will most likely be worn out and the shore may seem miles away. You may be battered and bruised. But He will be with you as you swim. It is a promise.

~Be Encouraged Today~