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True Confession

True Confession~😔

If the Father can find an ear cuff for me on a parking lot, why can’t HE totally heal my Valley Fever? I wrote about it a wonderful “God Wink” yesterday.

Yes, I asked him that question today. My Abba Father can handle my honest questions, He knows my heart anyway. I had another CT scan on my lungs. My left lung still has lesions, nodules and a cavity. No change. My blood work still shows an “active” case.

So after a bit of crying and wondering, I was reminded of the Apostle Paul and the thorn in his side that he really did not want either. My thorn is a fungus. And everyone has something!

I choose to be thankful, that in this fallen world…my Father understands my frustration and weeps with me. I choose to trust Him.

Why? Because I am feeling so much better, can do things I wondered if I would ever be able to do again. I have never been as sick as I was those eleven days in the hospital and months at home. And I am stable. Even after Covid in August, no additional damage. I am so grateful.

God will never leave nor forsake me. He will never leave nor forsake you. When we don’t “feel” like He is listening, He is listening. My faith is not in my ability to believe I can be healed here on earth, but HIS ability to sustain me no matter what comes my way.

God proves to me over and over that HE is with me. It isn’t always the circumstances that I want, but this world is not what He wanted it to be either… and yet, HE provided Jesus for us…for our eternal life. For our HOPE in our todays.

Jesus is with you in your todays, in your disappointments, in your pain, in your sorrow. He was with you yesterday, and He will be with you in your tomorrows.

The trust has nothing to do with our ability, but with His grace.

Psalm 46:1-3 “God is our shelter and strength,

always ready to help in times of trouble.

So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is shaken

and mountains fall into the ocean depths;

even if the seas roar and rage,

and the hills are shaken by the violence.”

Be Encouraged Today


~The Ocean Series~ Rip Currents


The ocean can bring us such serenity. Sometimes gazing out at the beauty does not always reveal the dangers that lurk within. It seems like a lot of people around me are dealing with another aspect of that beauty….

Rip Currents

When the water is trapped between an underwater sand bar and the shore, those currents push back out to sea. These currents are dangerous and if we are in the ocean swimming we must be aware of them.

If we get caught in one, our natural tendency is to fight to swim back to shore, but we are to swim parallel to the shore to get out of the riptide and swim back to the shore to safety.

If you find yourself in a “riptide” of circumstances, fight the urge to “fix it” with your natural tendencies. Swimming parallel reminds me that we are to go with the Father. Rest in HIM.

Allow the Father to help you swim parallel. You will get back to shore.  You will most likely be worn out and the shore may seem miles away. You may be battered and bruised. But He will be with you as you swim. It is a promise.

~Be Encouraged Today~