Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

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~The Ocean Series~ Your Place of Peace

*****Due to the impending snowy forecast, “The Ocean Series” continues……..


What is it about the ocean?psalms-97_1

There is something about the ocean that I simply cannot explain. I love to sit on a beach and simply stare out into the ocean. The waves lap up against the shore in a delicate calming rhythm.  Or they might be crashing upon the shoreline with glorious fury. The water might sparkle or it might look grey and ominous. The sounds are that of seagulls and birds or it is dawn and you hear virtually nothing. Continue reading


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~The Ocean Series~ Creation Cries Out

When I look at pictures of past visits to the ocean I am speechless.  The blue skies, white ocean caps, red flowers, beautiful seagulls, clouds, the golden moon…need I say more?

DSC00023 moon


And I still gaze in awe.

My Father created it all. It will never cease to amaze me. I am absolutely breathless when I see a line of clouds form over the gulf and deliver rain and gusts of wind. My eyes literally tear up when I sit on the edge of the beach and watch dolphins play in the currents. My heart swells at the mere thought of the expansive nature of the ocean in front of me. I reach out my hand to touch the moon, as if I can.


We have so much to see on our earth. Whether it is the ocean, mountains, or even the annoying snow that sometimes seems to bury us…we have a beautiful world. We have misused it and polluted it…..and yet creation continues to cry out!

DSC01023 DSC01127DSC01268


So I guess today I would suggest that you stop. Stop and look around. What do you see in God’s creation that simply takes your breath away? Don’t let life preoccupy so much that you miss those things of beauty all around. He created it for you in His love and He wants you to enjoy it. 

~Be Encouraged Today~


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~The Ocean Series~ Rip Currents


The ocean can bring us such serenity. Sometimes gazing out at the beauty does not always reveal the dangers that lurk within. It seems like a lot of people around me are dealing with another aspect of that beauty….

Rip Currents

When the water is trapped between an underwater sand bar and the shore, those currents push back out to sea. These currents are dangerous and if we are in the ocean swimming we must be aware of them.

If we get caught in one, our natural tendency is to fight to swim back to shore, but we are to swim parallel to the shore to get out of the riptide and swim back to the shore to safety.

If you find yourself in a “riptide” of circumstances, fight the urge to “fix it” with your natural tendencies. Swimming parallel reminds me that we are to go with the Father. Rest in HIM.

Allow the Father to help you swim parallel. You will get back to shore.  You will most likely be worn out and the shore may seem miles away. You may be battered and bruised. But He will be with you as you swim. It is a promise.

~Be Encouraged Today~