What does a “yelobrd” or a yellow bird got to do with it?


Simply said….The Father has used these little yellow finches over and over in my life when I needed encouragement.https://yelobrd777.com/2015/03/10/whats-your-personal-rainbow/

And that is what I like to do.  Encourage.  And remind others how much they are loved by our Father God.


I am a former special education teacher and  homeschooling mom of two adult sons.  I also gained  two wonderful daughters when the boys married. I am a wonderful wife 🙂 to my high school sweetheart of almost 41 years. https://yelobrd777.com/2014/12/21/35-years-ago-today-the-secret-2/

We are “empty nesters”so to speak.  Although we do have a small Westie who seems to run our lives!https://yelobrd777.com/2015/11/05/oscar-and-the-reminder/

And as God would have it, I am back at a CCM radio station as an announcer, returning after an 11 year absence.

And Now?  We are grandparents for the first time to a beautiful little girl that we love with all our hearts!


Like many of you, life has thrown us a number curve balls; and yet we find God ever so faithful over and over. He truly has never left us nor forsaken us.


So grab another cup of coffee, and if you are looking for a chuckle, a bit of reality, love and encouragement…I believe that  you have come to the right place and just might find it!

And I would truly be honored if you would see fit to follow me for twice weekly posts!



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