Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

What’s Your Personal Rainbow?



The Yellow Bird

I believe God speaks to us in a variety of ways. He loves us that much. And if I am wrong…I will err on this side of love.

After all, he sent Noah a rainbow…why wouldn’t he send me a yellow bird? I believe He loves us each that much!

“Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” Genesis 9:16

Several years ago (at least 22 years) I was an assistant director of a ministry. I was in charge of volunteers in my hometown and felt I was doing what the Father would have me do at the time. One summer, that was all challenged in my life. Challenged in a way that I had never experienced.

Some other believers felt that we were not approaching this ministry in the correct way. They felt that our love and care and help towards these women should be attached to conditions. It felt like I was being interrogated by Pharisees in person! But we did not believe that represented the true love of God.

Upon a meeting with some “elders” from the church, I was….attacked…at my core. Everything I knew to be true about the love of God was discussed and my heart was even questioned. I stood my ground…ground that I believe the Father was standing. Love is unconditional.

For several days after that I was miserable. I questioned my motives, my methods, the love of God in general. Was I wrong? Were they right? I couldn’t sleep…I couldn’t think of anything else but how I had “failed” God.

I had seen a yellow finch in a tree for several days…but he never was still enough for me to study and enjoy him. This afternoon was no different. And I was desparate.

I prayed….”Lord, please let me rest in knowing that I was right about you. Help me not to doubt your unconditional love.”

And it happened.

one yelobrd

The little yellow bird landed on a branch right in front of me. I did not move. Nor did he. He sat on that branch for what seemed like forever, as if to say “Rest my daughter…yes, you were right about me…I love unconditionally.”

Tears swelled in my eyes as I came to this realization…and off he flew.

He was my rainbow.

And I was to see him many times when I was in doubt over the years. I have journaled all the times the “yellow bird” has shown up out of the clear blue when I have been in prayer, needed confirmations or in doubt. It has been simply amazing.

The latest involved praying for a friend about a job that she needed desperately. While on the phone praying with her….he came…”yelobrd”…he sat on the patio chair as if he was participating in the prayer. I told her it would be okay since I just saw my boy. It was…she got word about the job a couple of days later.

Now to those doubters….go ahead and doubt. It most likely wasn’t the same bird, and it was just “coincidence” that he found his way to my back yard all those specific times. He had to have been there many other times.

But as far as this King’s Daughter is concerned….He was sending me my own personal rainbow.

What is yours?

~Be Blessed

isaiah 55-8-92


NIV Bible, google image, personal image, pixabay

Author: sptchmom777

I love Jesus. If I say nothing else, that is enough. But for those curiosity seekers, I am a 60 year old former special education teacher, current part time CCM Radio Announcer and author... who is married to her high school sweetheart. We have been together for 44 years, married almost 41 of those years! We have raised two sons, who are now married, have jobs and mortgages. AND...we became grandparents to a beautiful baby girl in 2018!! We also have our furry son, a West Highland Terrier. My heart's desire is to encourage people in their daily life. I believe that the Father speaks to us all the time, sometimes I have been too busy to listen. Even during times of trials and troubles, which seem endless right now in 2020, HE is present and loves us unconditionally. Thanks for reading. ~Be Encouraged Today~

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Personal Rainbow?

  1. Great story. God sends us exactly what we need when we need it!


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