Always Beautiful


The next several days I will not be wearing eye makeup. None, at all…nada. I have a “clogged oil gland” on my lash line in my right eye. There is some medical term, but I don’t know what it is.

(First public appearance at son’s bday party)

“Are you tired?” was a question I was asked yesterday. My normal sarcastic reply was muted for a more civil one. I hope that attitude lasts a few days.

But you know what? It is okay. It occurred to me that I don’t need eye makeup, or any makeup for that matter. Granted, pictures seem to look a little better when I have color, but this might not be a bad thing in the long run.

The time it takes me to get ready in the mornings will shorten considerably. I won’t have decide which color eyeshadow I need to wear. And two coats of mascara to “lengthen and thicken” my lashes is a thing of the past at this point.

How precious that the Father reminded me that I was beautiful. He created me.  Even as my body ages, the dark circles get more pronounced and the joints ache a little more each year from yard work. The grey hairs need covered closer to five weeks than the seven I use to stretch it out to be….and the cherry angiomas outnumber any freckles I ever thought I had!

But I am beautiful. Christ lives within me. God created me. And I am beautiful to Him.

Eye makeup or not.

Do you feel beautiful because of what you look like or because of who you are and who you are designed to be?

I just might get use to this!





~Be Encouraged Today~

*personal images

4 thoughts on “Always Beautiful

  1. Yes, you are beautiful and that lovely spirit will live forever! It took some courage to post that photo! That’s what’s is wonderful about blogging – we see the real people before we even meet them in Heaven. I, for one, love the real you.

    Wearing no makeup reminds me of the time I was employed at a Christian drug addiction center. Occasionally the women who sold themselves for drugs, were told to remove their makeup for a week, meant to “unmask” the real them to build honesty and self-esteem. The women believed their worth was attached only to their looks. They eventually realized that Jesus thought each of them beautiful and even suffered through horrendously ugly treatment to freely buy them through the price he paid. Blessings back,


    1. Ah, you are so precious! A clogged oil gland and reaction to new makeup forced the issue, I did not do it of my own accord. But I will say it has been quite a lesson in love. The “unmasking”story you shared is an amazing story and so true. We have a tendency to hide behind our “looks”, “money”, “status” and even “social media” these days. Oh Lord, may we be so surrendered and in love with you that none of these things matter and that we realize our worth is only attached to Christ in us! Love you sweet friend!!

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    1. Oh Karen, it was forced upon me by a clogged oil gland and some makeup that doesn’t agree with me. I am afraid I will go back to my “eye makeup” ways someday if I can. 😉 But there has been a bit of freedom going to work and running errands without thinking “I look awful without eye makeup”. The Father is so good to remind me that His daughter needs nothing else to make her beautiful…and that applies to all of us! Thanks reading and your honesty as well!!


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