Simple Truths in Everyday!


Sometimes I complicate things.  I am a type A personality, and I like things in order.  God reminds me of “simple truths” a lot.  He often speaks to our hearts in the every day!

Once a teacher, always a teacher…my brain thinks like a teacher and probably always will.  I read something in a magazine or the paper and I automatically look for the correct spelling and grammar. Don’t judge…but I cannot abbreviate on text messages.  Yes, I am the one that does this: *light when I have accidentally texted….”lite”.   I won’t even mention spellcheck. I often complicate things!

I love looking on our little patio.  We put out food in our feeders.  Two truths come to mind every time I watch those birds. “That’s how much I love you.  No matter the circumstances in life now.  If you have a job, or don’t have a job.  If you are ill or healthy, if you are sad or happy….I love you.”

The birds think that they are independent and can get the food on their own, and for the most part…they can.  But they get the “best” when they eat from the feeders we put out.  Just like He does…He wants HIS best for us.  We might not know what that is…and it may seem like we know best, but HE knows best. 

The other truth is pretty simple from Matthew~

I just want to stop complicating things and quit worrying about “order”.  Help me oh Lord to recognize your simple truths in the every day! Hope you join me!


~Be Encouraged Today~


*NIV, personal graphics

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