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Hippy Birthday


Saturday is the one-year anniversary of my “Super Path Hip Replacement”

                                                                         this is my attempt at humor…..

Simply put, there are no restrictions, no muscles or tendons cut. For more information, here is a link….. 

People tell me that I was “too young” to have joint replacement, my standard reply has been “I am too young NOT to have joint replacement.” I was unable to walk without a limp, in severe pain and bone on bone for over four years. 

Would I do it again? Yes.  My left hip has issues, but now all the pressure is off of it.  I still have a while to go before it needs replaced.  My posture has improved and I walk 8,000-10,000 steps a day. We hike, ride bikes, climb stairs, jeep without pain.  I can actually sleep now.

Sometimes I forget I had a joint replacement. While in the dentist chair a couple of months ago, I casually mentioned it to my hygienist. She quickly backed away from me. I had not remembered the need for antibiotics before a dental cleaning. I literally forgot I had a new hip.

What has been the hardest part? Simply the muscle soreness. Since there are were no muscles cut, exercising those muscles has left soreness. I used magnesium lotion and constant stretching exercises which have finally helped.  My poor body had been compensating so it took a while to get back to “normal”.

At six months  it still often  felt like I was sitting on an orange.  I was told at a year it would feel much more like my own and I can now see a huge difference.  

A short fainting spell the day after I came home was the only complication.  I always follow directions and took the meds every four hours, which obviously my body could not tolerate.  My sweet husband kept me from falling, and to hear him tell it I am in debt to him forever and a day!

This is not for everyone. I know from first hand experience that you can only have the replacement when you are actually ready. The doctor told me that I “would know when it was time” and indeed I did know. Once I made up my mind and prayed about it, there was never a doubt! The knowledge that God gives doctors and the peace I had was amazing and I am so thankful! The Father used it to confirm so many truths in my life, ones I will never forget.

*Note…my mother has two Super Paths and after 8 years/2.5 years doing great!

~Be Encouraged Today~


Author: sptchmom777

I love Jesus. If I say nothing else, that is enough. But for those curiosity seekers, I am a 60 year old former special education teacher, current part time CCM Radio Announcer and author... who is married to her high school sweetheart. We have been together for 44 years, married almost 41 of those years! We have raised two sons, who are now married, have jobs and mortgages. AND...we became grandparents to a beautiful baby girl in 2018!! We also have our furry son, a West Highland Terrier. My heart's desire is to encourage people in their daily life. I believe that the Father speaks to us all the time, sometimes I have been too busy to listen. Even during times of trials and troubles, which seem endless right now in 2020, HE is present and loves us unconditionally. Thanks for reading. ~Be Encouraged Today~

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