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New Life

“Super Path” This was the name of the procedure when I received my hip replacement. (In one of my upcoming blogs I will go into more detail about it. There are many differences in the way it is done and in the fact that I have no hip restrictions.)new

At my one month check up I received a copy of the X-ray. It was rather surreal actually. I saw a picture of my new ball and socket, with the necessary hardware used to attach it. Bizarre.

I have a choice to make. Even though it feels “different” it is now my new hip. It is my hip and it works 100% better than it did before. I can bend over, sit without pain…the list goes on and on. My choice? To receive it as my own. To allow my mind to receive it as new. Continue reading New Life

Hip Replacement


When this blog actually published I will be home from the surgery center.  I will have had a hip replacement called the “super path”.  I’ve had a bad hip for some time and the “bone on bone” status is finally getting to me.  The left one is slowly fading away due to the fact that I am favoring it…so hopefully the degeneration will slow down a bit. Continue reading Hip Replacement