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But God

I have been alive long enough to see some things “come to pass” in my life. I witnessed some things this very weekend. Prayers answered from twenty plus years ago. Blanks filled in……gifts really.

I also had the privilege of making some new friends through the memorial service of a long time friend. As we shared stories about what the Father had done in our individual lives and then she said….”But God”….

I immediately related to those words. As I think back over my life, all the things that “came to pass” that I never expected, or that I was not sure how they truly would turn out….they did. God always seemed to have a plan, a purpose.

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Life is so tough.  

But I saw this video today and it reminded me of something…JOY

I guarantee there will be a smile on your face and a skip in your step after you watch it.

In the midst of it all, may we remember:

Little Girl rejoicing to “Old Church Choir” by Zach Williams

Zach Williams

You are welcome.

~Be Encouraged Today~





God and our Social Media Status


My husband, some family members and many of our friends do not use social media…. and they are quite proud of it. Some have it…but claim to never access it. Ha. And yes, there are creepers. Don’t deny it.

But I must say, I like social media for the most part. Continue reading