Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

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But God

I have been alive long enough to see some things “come to pass” in my life. I witnessed some things this very weekend. Prayers answered from twenty plus years ago. Blanks filled in……gifts really.

I also had the privilege of making some new friends through the memorial service of a long time friend. As we shared stories about what the Father had done in our individual lives and then she said….”But God”….

I immediately related to those words. As I think back over my life, all the things that “came to pass” that I never expected, or that I was not sure how they truly would turn out….they did. God always seemed to have a plan, a purpose.

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Do You Clang?

Sometimes I am a noisy gong…sometimes a clanging cymbal.

It requires complete and total surrender.

Do I understand just how much God loves me?  If so, I would love others.  I might not like them….but the Father can love them through me. 

Yep, complete surrender.  It is the only way.

1 Cor 13_1

~Be Encouraged Today~


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His Resurrection is our……

The Resurrection of Jesus

These words have been on my heart for several weeks. I am so grateful for the love of Jesus Christ.  His death, burial and resurrection gives me life today.   May you be encouraged with this great truth!