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DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.  I was checking email and if I was done reading, or simply did not want to read the email…I hit that precious little button.  Sometimes I could do it in the group setting…check, delete.  Such power. And I will admit I always have tons of emails. Continue reading DELETE

What is it about the Cross?

I have a cross ring, a couple of cross necklaces. I have seen them in artwork, tattoos, drawn and colored. I have seen them in non flattering ways. But what does it really mean? Can I really describe what the cross means to me?crosses-2 Continue reading What is it about the Cross?

The Hairs on My Head

2014-09-15 18.22.28

Two years ago it was confirmed that I had lost over one-third of my hair.  My friend has been doing my hair for over ten years.  “Good thing you started out with a lot of it!” Continue reading The Hairs on My Head