DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.  I was checking email and if I was done reading, or simply did not want to read the email…I hit that precious little button.  Sometimes I could do it in the group setting…check, delete.  Such power. And I will admit I always have tons of emails.

I wrote a piece on a document, then went back and read it…you guessed it.  Highlight/delete.  All the highlighted words disappeared immediately.Image

DELETE…to simply remove.  Wouldn’t you like to DELETE some things that you remember in your life?  How about those things that you did and now wish you could take back? I have made so many mistakes in my life, and I know will make more. If I could just find a DELETE button to hit!

The good news is: God DELETES it. When we come to know Him as our Savior, He remembers the past no more. He literally DELETES it from His memory.  

 He will be “reminded” of our more

When I was little I broke a lamp. My daddy and I talked about it and then I ran out of the room crying.  I finally returned to the room, overwhelmed with guilt.  I asked him if he remembered what I had done?  To which he replied..”Yes, honey and we’ve talked about it, now what else do you need to tell me?”  Here is the  difference when I walk into the room to tell my Abba, Father God…”Abba, remember what I just told you about the lamp I broke?”  I think God would reply, “What lamp?”

Oh we remember what we have done.  But God has forgotten it.  He has DELETED it completely.  What good news that is to those of us who suffer with guilt and condemnation.  We still have to deal with the consequences of our choices, but He has forgiven and forgotten.

DELETE gives us an opportunity for fresh starts….and for that I am grateful, especially when there are a lot of emails I remember!

~Be Encouraged Today~


*personal graphics, NIV Bible

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