Who Needs Diamonds?

Who Needs Diamonds?  I mean really…whoever thought that diamonds were a girl’s best friend had obviously never used spray paint.

Think of what you can do with spray paint! The possibilities are endless!  You can cover imperfections, change colors, brighten up a garden ornament. You can literally change the look of anything you spray paint.

The catch? You will have to most likely do it over and over once you start. My metal chair that I worked so hard on last year didn’t make it through the mild winter we had…it had to be painted again.

What do we use to cover up our imperfections? What do we spray to brighten up or change our appearance? Do we cover ourselves thinking that people will see something else other than who we really are?

The beauty in the love of God is who we are….who we become once we accept Him as our Lord and personal Savior. He is in us, we are in Him and people can see Jesus if we just let them. We don’t have to “spray paint” anything about us. And we never have to go back and do it again and again!

We can Rest in His love and grace. And we can love ourselves just as we are…because He loves us.

Now excuse me while I spray paint another clay pot, and respray that metal sunshine garden stake!

~Be Encouraged Today~


NIV Bible, personal graphics

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