The Nightgown

Many women walk in and out of our lives.  One of those saints in my life went home to heaven yesterday.  She was my supervisor when I was just a 17 year old young woman at a new job, just starting college.  She encouraged me in my life as others made fun of my choices.

She even bought me the white nightgown I wore on my wedding night…and I remember being embarrassed that she bought it for me. Her response….”you deserve something white and beautiful on your special night.” How “life giving” those words were to this young 19 year old lady!

I still have that nightgown, although it only fits my left side now and it is a bit yellowed. But tonight I realized what it really means to me.nightgown


My lovely “spiritual momma” encouraged me and helped me on that journey I have taken through the years to be confident in who I was…who God designed me to be. Through the years the Father has seen fit to place women in my life who have empowered me to be the best “me” I could be and to teach me my identity.

 They have not belittled me, nor judged me because we might have differed on things. We have had many civilized, constructive discussions….always tempered with respect and love.

Their very words have spoken “life” into me.

My empowerment comes from the identity that the Holy Spirit gives me. He encourages me through the love of others and the grace and peace He gives me as I walk through this life. A life that has been full of hills and valleys.  A life that is not easy, but is mine. A life that includes, bumps, bruises, pain and heartache and joy. A life that was given to me by my Creator, My Lord, My Savior….Jesus

The beauty in that identity is that no one can take it from me, and it was freely given to me with no strings attached. It doesn’t matter what the world does or doesn’t say about me.  I know who I am…

May we empower each other with love, grace and peace…no matter the differences we may have with one another.

One never knows what some small gesture might come to mean…..



~Be Encouraged Today~


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

3 thoughts on “The Nightgown

    1. The service today was as she would have wanted…focused on Jesus! Her grandson spoke of her faith…her unfailing, never ending, consistent faith. Like you, I pray that I have influenced someone somewhere as well. You are an influence to many I am sure…you are to me in such a short time! Love you friend!

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