Eyes to See and Ears to Hear


I have been known to have a “stubborn streak”. At least I have been told that over the years. But I think with age I have become a little less so….I guess I should ask the hubby .

And if I am painfully honest with myself,  I am a “fixer”. I am a “mother” and “teacher” who wants to do those things with most people I know…fix the problems, mother the person and teach them too!

For years if I would discover something valuable, or a new way toear do something or a better way to eat…I wanted everyone else to discover it, do it or eat that way! I wanted everyone to feel better, do better. Well you get the general idea….trust me when I say there was never a lot of success in that approach.

Once I discovered my true identity in Christ I wanted everyone to experience the “rest” I had found in knowing Christ as well. I would get so upset when people didn’t “get it” or chose not to see things as I saw them.
Matt 13

Then I realized several years ago that if someone does not have “eyes to see or ears tohear” it didn’t matter what I thought or how hard I tried to convince them of this truth. Only the Holy Spirit could reveal truth to people. It wasn’t up to me to change their mind about Christ.

I am learning to rely on His timing. When people have those “eyes to see and ears to hear” I will be ready to encourage them. And in the meantime I can love them by being surrendered to the love of Christ through me.

And remember I am called to “be faithful, not successful”.

I can honestly trust Christ and leave it in His hands. He’s got it.

Is this something you have dealt with?


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics


2 thoughts on “Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

  1. We are “birds of a feather!” Although I am definitely a work in progress with this one, I also learned that no matter how much I would like to share the good news of Jesus, or information that may be helpful to someone who is struggling, it is up to that person to be open and receptive. It is so much a timing issue.

    So, I talk with them once about the truth of what I know and then go on living my life in Jesus. I also let them know I am always available for them. Therefore, I have shared the good news, however, am not responsible for their decision. (I used to think I was almost responsible for them to convert or responsible for them to be more healthy)

    The hard part for me, is that I used to experience so many terrible pains and symptoms. What I learned about what I was consuming, and how it affects the body changed my life. Making changes in my diet completely freed me from all those symptoms. When I see someone who is physically suffering with the same symptoms I used to have, who goes to countless doctors who find nothing wrong. I share the information, and it goes in one ear and out the other:-( They would rather suffer than make changes.

    It is sad to see so many suffering because they are living in darkness, We know that Jesus is the answer…but we must watch them struggle along.

    I have learned to pray for them, and trust God:-)

    Thanks so much for sharing…it’s good to know I am not alone!


    1. Bernadette, we are indeed “birds of a feather”! I too have changed my diet over the last four years and have experienced better health and less medicine. Some one once told me that “the very thing we are gifted in is the very thing that can destroy us.” In our compassion and love for others, our sensitivity to people not listening and responding is tough. I often have to hand it over to the Father over and over for the same person or situation! Thanks for sharing, it is good to know we are not alone!

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