Hole Punchers and Grace

There is nothing worse than not being able to find something that you know you have. You know what I am talking about….don’t you?

I have spent two days looking for a hole puncher that I knew I had in my possession. Please bear in mind that I consider myself a very organized person. I label things. I have a craft room in which each canvas bin has a label. However, the very reason I was looking for the “hole puncher” was to “re-label” the canvas containers because the labels kept falling off.hole punchers

So today I finally decided to buy a hole punch. I went to two stores and could not find one. The third store was a charm. The entire time I was looking for this hole puncher, I KNEW that I would find mine as soon as I got home and started “relabeling” each canvas bin.

You guessed it. I found two. They were in a canvas bin in which the label had fallen off. I KNEW I had one, but two took me by surprise.  So yes, now I have three. Although I did give one to my husband for safekeeping.


I am so glad GRACE isn’t like that. It isn’t hard to find and doesn’t require a label. It is available to all who search.

God’s GRACE is for all who will receive it. I don’t have to work hard to keep it, find it or use it. It is a free gift.It allows me to be me. It allows God’s love to flow through me. It gets me through tough times, and provides love to me constantly. I know that it is there…even though I might think it is gone and I cannot find it.2 Peter 1_2-2The Father is like that…it is simple really. I accept His Grace, His death upon the cross for me. So that I might have eternal life.

I don’t have to label it to use it. It is just there. No label needed.canvas bins

But for those of you wondering…I am very happy my labels are secure now.







“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

3 thoughts on “Hole Punchers and Grace

  1. What a lovely post. His Grace is sufficient unto the day for all who seek it and like you said, I am glad that God’s grace is not given based on my hard work, but on his love and it’s there for me to tap into. Thank you for this insightful post.


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