Make a Christian Checklist!


Got that checklist out?  Do you want to be a better Christian?

Then this is something you need to read!  

I admit it.  I used to be a major list person.  I made lists all the time.  I loved checking things off that list, so much so that I would add things on it that I had done just so I could check them off!!  Can anyone relate?

My Christian checklist caused me pain, grief and lack of joy; but I had one.  I was what some refer to as a “performance based” person.  My identity used to  be wrapped up in what I did.  I never uttered “Look at me and what I am doing!” But it was there.  I wanted to be accepted and loved by everyone, including the Father.  Unfortunately, I thought the only way to attain His love was from the things I did “for” God.  And I had to keep all those rules!  

What does that sound like? Total legalism.

It worked for a while.  I was on the praise team, taught Sunday School, homeschooled my kids, volunteered at a Pregnancy Center and Christian radio station, led Bible studies, helped friends as much as possible….on and on.  Impressive huh?  What a good Christian, just check the list.  But then I crashed.  I had no joy, no peace and I was worn to a frazzle. I simply could not earn His love and make Him proud.

Friends, Jesus did it all.  We literally have to do nothing more after we accept the gift of salvation.  Now don’t misunderstand, there will be fruit.  But we must be surrendered to Him and allowing Him to lead us and work through us.

We cannot add nor take anything away from the love that the Father has for us.  We cannot read our Bible more, pray more or set more spiritual goals.   We must understand that it is through His righteousness and not ours.

Lists are not bad….but what lists are you making today?

~Be Encouraged Today~


*NIV Bible, personal graphics




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