It is Time!!

Hello friends….

Just a quick note to let you know that I am taking the time I use to write these posts for something else.  I am writing two books.  But one is at the head of the list.sketchbook-1308358_640

I am not generally a proscratisnator, but I find myself coming up with any excuse possible to avoid working on the book.  After careful thought….I basically am afraid.

I am afraid people won’t like it. That I honestly don’t have the ability to write a book.  That I will pour my heart into this and it won’t matter.

There I said it……..

And that is not like me either.  When I really feel that “tug” on my heart, or that “calling” I don’t doubt it.  But I guess this is so much a part of me.  It is like my baby.

And what if someone says my baby is really ugly?

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I have respect for differences of opinion. 

But I would dare say there are others like me who feel they are to do something, to finish something, to start something….and fear is keeping them from doing that very thing. Fear is indeed opposite of faith.

So feel free to join me in this journey.  I will root for you!  And I don’t care to have a few prayers either!

What is your “something”?rose-2101475_640

~Be Encouraged Today~


2 thoughts on “It is Time!!

  1. I am happy for you but sad that I won’t be reading one of my favorites lady’s posts. Please stop by and comment on mine every once in a while?

    I might be doing the same thing in August for a short time. I’ve been writing my blog for five years without missing a week. Sometimes at the expense of other pressing issues. Tamara, I wish you the best and can’t wait to read your books – always knew you could be a wonderful author! ❤


    1. Thanks Ellie! I will try to stop by…and I won’t be able to contain all the items rattling around in this brain, so I am sure there will be an occasional post. Thanks for your encouragement. Much love!


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