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For Me…and You

For Me....

I was listening to some Christmas songs today at the station that weren’t all of the “classic” variety. Although I do love those, I was overwhelmed with some thoughts today. These three particularly spoke to my heart:

“Joseph’s Song” ….

“Mary, Did you Know?”…. Continue reading For Me…and You

Celebration…A Different Way


This week is our Contemporary Christian radio station’s “Celebration”.  I am currently working and on air three days a week…and it is like being “home.”

We are a “listener’s supported station” that has been on the air for over 25 years..without any commercials or sponsorships.  And it works.  And when it quits working….it quits.  No plan “B”.

It is our “fundraiser” and I use that term loosely.  We don’t drum up donations. We don’t make any promises other than the promise that “You are loved by your Heavenly Father.” Continue reading Celebration…A Different Way

Each One is……

A New Day

We get to have a “Day One” over and over. His mercies are new each and every day!

I have been thinking about new beginnings and starting all over a lot lately. With the onset of school, and as a former educator, I believe that every student deserves to start over. Each one deserves a “new day.” We can have a new day each and every day! Continue reading Each One is……