Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

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Teachers-You are Appreciated

Although I no longer teach, I taught for 15 years in the public schools and for ten years I homeschooled our children.  Last year I shared this graphic, and I felt I should share it again.

The school year is coming to a close, and I always found this time of year, shall we say, “trying”. 

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I Cried, He Just Didn’t Know It

He started off slow. Oh, he fell a number of times…but he was determined. He got back up and walked the length of the long hallway completely on his own. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

She mastered her bike without the training wheels! Oh, she fell a number of times…but she was determined. She got back up and rode the length of the road. I cried, she just didn’t know it.long road

He picked up his backpack and lunch box. He kept biting his lip because he was nervous…..but he was determined. He got out of the car and held my hand. He got to the door, turned loose and walked down the long hall to his kindergarten room. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

She got her high school diploma. Oh, she struggled some of the times…but she was determined. She walked down that aisle and received her document. I cried, she just didn’t know it.

He found a dorm room. Oh, he struggled some of the times….but he was determined. He moved in and walked down that hall for a year; then he moved again, and again. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Oh, she messed up a couple of times…but she was determined. She finally buckled down and studied and ended with a great GPA. I cried, she just didn’t know it.

He got married. Oh, he dated a few times without finding her…but he was determined. He walked down that church aisle to meet his bride at the altar. He married he girl of his dreams. I cried, he just didn’t know it.emotion-556794_640

She got her master’s degree. Oh, she worked a full-time job while taking classes and it was tough…but she was determined. She was hired, drove to the city everyday and got great experience. I cried, she just didn’t know it.

He got a promotion. Oh, he had to take his bride and move to a city they weren’t familiar with…but he was determined. It was an incredible opportunity and they explored their new city together. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

My children just started walking…and I blinked.


They knew I cried, I just didn’t know it.

Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


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Thankful for Teachers’ Hearts

Spoiler Alert~

I was a special education teacher, as well as a homeschooling mom in my previous life.  In other words…another lifetime ago.  Or so it feels….

A Teacher's Heart-2

I received some encouragement the other day about a former student from several years ago who graduated and is going on to college.  I was thrilled and he and his mom made me feel like I made a difference in his life.  I used to work only with children with “learning disabilities” or “differences” as I liked to say, and my students often times had trouble getting through high school. So to see some of them make it has always warmed my heart! Continue reading