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Which side of the Coin?


I am sure you have heard this: “There are two sides to every coin?

Most of us have been on both sides at one time or another.  

An employee/employer.  

Child/Parent….my favorite!  Sometimes around your parents, you feel like a twelve-year-old again.   Or when you get around your own children and they like to tease and make you feel like a very old woman!

 I have been a student, a public school teacher, a new mom, a homeschooling mom, a mom of public/private school teenagers, and a public school teacher, partially retired…in that order.  I have been on both sides of the coin, maybe several coins.  Often those coins were shiny…but sometimes very dull and scratched! Continue reading Which side of the Coin?

All Teacher Moms Be Encouraged!

Moms can be teachers, Teachers can be moms….

What on earth do I know about it?  Why did I start a blog for teacher moms?

I am one.  I am a teacher and a mom and I was a homeschooling mom.  I was a teacher for 5 years before becoming a mom.  I was a mom who chose to homeschool her sons for 10 years.  After the boys graduated high school, the need for cash became evident.  College was on the horizon, so I went back to teaching.  I was a special education teacher for almost 9 years.

I understand.  I remember those early days of teaching.  I remember those early days of motherhood.  I remember those days of homeschooling.  Of course the most recent memory is that of being an elementary special education teacher.  And I needed encouragement.  I needed someone to tell me that it was okay.  I needed someone to tell me about their experiences.  I needed someone to encourage me when I homeschooled.  I was so afraid I was going to “ruin” my kiddos.  Guess what?  I don’t think I ruined anyone….my kids or my previous students! Of course, I have chosen not to take a poll concerning this issue!

So, may you come here to hear stories and laugh.  May you chuckle as you are encouraged.  Maybe I can even answer some questions. My prayer and desire is to help you on your journey….whatever journey or role you have now.

I do not claim to have all the answers, nor all the experiences…but I can promise you that at 53 years old I have learned from my mistakes and will continue to do so. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes too.

Be blessed dear ones!

Isaiah 55:8-9