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Which side of the Coin?


I am sure you have heard this: “There are two sides to every coin?

Most of us have been on both sides at one time or another.  

An employee/employer.  

Child/Parent….my favorite!  Sometimes around your parents, you feel like a twelve-year-old again.   Or when you get around your own children and they like to tease and make you feel like a very old woman!

 I have been a student, a public school teacher, a new mom, a homeschooling mom, a mom of public/private school teenagers, and a public school teacher, partially retired…in that order.  I have been on both sides of the coin, maybe several coins.  Often those coins were shiny…but sometimes very dull and scratched! Continue reading Which side of the Coin?

A Mom’s Day Greeting….”Cry” Warning!


Happy Mother’s Day!

I must say that I think it is important to appreciate our mothers every day…not just Mother’s Day.  But I do like the fact that there is a day set aside for moms, of course I am one…..so that might taint my opinion a bit! Continue reading A Mom’s Day Greeting….”Cry” Warning!

Simple Remembering and Reality


Simple Remembering and Reality

Sometimes it is easy
                             to forget
                                        what it was like having two children under the age of three
                                                                                                                                        at the same time.

It is almost as if when we get older we remember only the “good” things. The “good” times, when mothering was wonderful and smiles were everywhere. The house was clean, the boys were listening and you could hear the birds singing in the distance as dinner cooked and life was as it should be….oh wait, that must have been the 25th showing of Lion King!

SKID>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BREAKS APPIED. Continue reading Simple Remembering and Reality