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Simple Mothering


Did you know that there are ten top reasons being a Mother is so easy?

I am sure you can add a few!


10.) Who else can fold clothes, talk on the phone, feed the baby and clean up spilt milk…at the same time?

9.) Who knows one can actually get by with bathing only twice a week and smell ok?

8.) Who knows which streaming video can be played and occupy at least 22.5 minutes of time so you can have 22.5 minutes to complete a task you started 24 hours ago? Continue reading Simple Mothering

A Mom’s Day Greeting….”Cry” Warning!


Happy Mother’s Day!

I must say that I think it is important to appreciate our mothers every day…not just Mother’s Day.  But I do like the fact that there is a day set aside for moms, of course I am one…..so that might taint my opinion a bit! Continue reading A Mom’s Day Greeting….”Cry” Warning!

Belated Mom’s Day?

Happy Belated Mommy’s Day


I have been thinking about Mother’s Day. I love being a mom, and it will always be the best “job” I have ever had or will have…

But being a mother is more than a “biological” issue.

And it is more than taking one day a year to celebrate motherhood. Continue reading Belated Mom’s Day?