Which side of the Coin?


I am sure you have heard this: “There are two sides to every coin?

Most of us have been on both sides at one time or another.  

An employee/employer.  

Child/Parent….my favorite!  Sometimes around your parents, you feel like a twelve-year-old again.   Or when you get around your own children and they like to tease and make you feel like a very old woman!

 I have been a student, a public school teacher, a new mom, a homeschooling mom, a mom of public/private school teenagers, and a public school teacher, partially retired…in that order.  I have been on both sides of the coin, maybe several coins.  Often those coins were shiny…but sometimes very dull and scratched!

Once a parent, I personally became a better teacher.  I felt like I “mothered” my students, and taught them as if they were my very own flesh and blood.

 I became a better teacher later because I homeschooled my own children.  I was forced to put all I learned into practice about children having different learning styles, and taught accordingly.

As a student, I can honestly say teachers were my heroes.  My parents divorced when I was in junior high and three teachers took time to talk to me and help me through this difficult time.  

So maybe being on “both sides of the coin” can make us more compassionate towards others.  Can we treat one another with more respect? Do we realize that we don’t understand everyone else’s circumstances?  Can ask each other questions without being condescending towards one another? Can we use our experiences to love on people as the Father would have us?  Can we encourage one another…whether student, parent, teacher or homeschooling mom?

Which side of the coin are you?

~Be Encouraged Today~



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