Quiet Please

There is something to be said about it.

I know as a young mother of two active boys I would often crave that quiet. If they weren’t talking… the tv, Nintendo or music was being heard. We had to carve out time for quiet.

 I would sometimes try to escape to the bath tub and lock the door. But with only one bathroom, locking the door was prohibited. So “quiet” wasn’t easy to come by….But once in a while, I would have the boys turn everything off and just listen.  Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t if I am honest.

I think we actually crave noise.  We might be afraid of what we might hear….or what we might have to deal with. This world really doesn’t allow us to be quiet. You know how when it is quiet and you start “thinking” about things? Sometimes I will ignore that still, small voice and find some noise because I don’t want to listen myself!

I know that I used to tell my kids….”You may be hearing me, but I don’t think you are listening.”  Hmmmm…could I be the same way?

Now as we sit with our “empty nest” the opportunity for quiet is pretty much available all the time.  Sometimes I just don’t choose to utilize it and be still.

There is something to be said about it.


~Be Encouraged Today~







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