3 thoughts on “Both these women are 80 years old. Your daily choices determine how your future will unfold. ~ Dr. Joe Dispeza

  1. What a remarkable inspiration she is! I have been preaching this for 25 years! What an excellent, motivating article Tam! It proves if one eats well, (although the nutrients are in the egg yolks), exercises, moves and lives with a positive attitude, it improves every aspect of our life. Even more is the peace I see on her face because of a Christ-like devotion to the real Lord of her life. I also practice what I preach and encourage others to feel as wonderful as I do at almost 70 years old! Thanks for this. Blessings back, ❤

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      1. Oh, yes, genes do play a good part in our make-up. But your reply reminds me of the patient I had who protested, “But it’s in my genes Ellie!!!” until I saw the family dog and it was very overweight as well. HA! We are commanded to be healthy, regardless of our size, Health (and I’ve had some who overcompensate here too)is more important than weight loss as you so readily agree. Blessings back,

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