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~The Ocean Series~ Distressed Wood

Distressed Wood.

My husband and I have vacationed on a certain beach a few times in the past. Each year we walked along the beach looking for a distressed wooden love seat that was left on the sand.  Each time we saw it, it was more distressed than the year before.

Many things that are left out in the salt water and wind become distressed.  Docks, dock posts, iron…  All of these show the wear of time, and were all once new. Now they seem authentic.  Pain and time have brought on wear and tear.

Funny how we age and feel like we may be distressed or “past our prime.”  You may be retired, an “empty nester”, a wife left alone after the death of a beloved spouse…..

Why even the most wonderful beach houses are older and  full of distressed furniture and wares.  They have a story to tell.  They mattered and were useful to many over the years.   

The same holds true for people.  Your retirement is proof that you made a mark on the world and worked hard in your career.  Your empty nest is an indication that you have helped raise a generation that can now go out in the world on their own. The death of a spouse can be a testimony to how much you have loved and were loved.

You are still valuable.  A season of life might have passed, but a new one is now ahead of you. Our flaws may have been exposed, our pain obvious.  We ourselves may be distressed…but could they be marks of learning and living this life?

We are loved by Abba Father and can still used in ways we never thought possible!

And remember people actually buy things that look distressed when they aren’t! Hmmmmm…

~Be Encouraged Today~

Quiet Please

There is something to be said about it.

I know as a young mother of two active boys I would often crave that quiet. If they weren’t talking… the tv, Nintendo or music was being heard. We had to carve out time for quiet.

 I would sometimes try to escape to the bath tub and lock the door. But with only one bathroom, locking the door was prohibited. So “quiet” wasn’t easy to come by….But once in a while, I would have the boys turn everything off and just listen.  Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t if I am honest. Continue reading Quiet Please

I Cried, He Just Didn’t Know It

He started off slow. Oh, he fell a number of times…but he was determined. He got back up and walked the length of the long hallway completely on his own. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

She mastered her bike without the training wheels! Oh, she fell a number of times…but she was determined. She got back up and rode the length of the road. I cried, she just didn’t know it.long road

He picked up his backpack and lunch box. He kept biting his lip because he was nervous…..but he was determined. He got out of the car and held my hand. He got to the door, turned loose and walked down the long hall to his kindergarten room. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

She got her high school diploma. Oh, she struggled some of the times…but she was determined. She walked down that aisle and received her document. I cried, she just didn’t know it.

He found a dorm room. Oh, he struggled some of the times….but he was determined. He moved in and walked down that hall for a year; then he moved again, and again. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Oh, she messed up a couple of times…but she was determined. She finally buckled down and studied and ended with a great GPA. I cried, she just didn’t know it.

He got married. Oh, he dated a few times without finding her…but he was determined. He walked down that church aisle to meet his bride at the altar. He married he girl of his dreams. I cried, he just didn’t know it.emotion-556794_640

She got her master’s degree. Oh, she worked a full-time job while taking classes and it was tough…but she was determined. She was hired, drove to the city everyday and got great experience. I cried, she just didn’t know it.

He got a promotion. Oh, he had to take his bride and move to a city they weren’t familiar with…but he was determined. It was an incredible opportunity and they explored their new city together. I cried, he just didn’t know it.

My children just started walking…and I blinked.


They knew I cried, I just didn’t know it.

Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


*personal images, Pixabay images Continue reading I Cried, He Just Didn’t Know It