Can you sit still? I mean really stop and do nothing?

I cannot. Well, I am better than I used to be, but I have to stay busy. Or do I?

In my quest/need/desire to stay busy, I miss REST.

I am not talking about the type of rest we need to be healthy, although there is total validity in that…I am talking about the type of REST that allows me to be all God created me to be.

I can quit striving, quit trying, quit doing and simply listen. I have missed plenty by being so busy. I have crowded out His voice time and time again. I don’t do it on purpose. None of us do….we are just used to noise and activity.


R……relying on
      T……to Him alone.


That is it. Relying on and establishing surrender to Him alone….allow Christ to be my life. Inside, outside, backward, forwards. Not an effort…but a surrender and allowing Him to be the very air I breathe.

So stop….

and REST.

~Be Encouraged Today~



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