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The Gift “Un” Wrapping


She always took her time. Each movement seemed carefully calculated to make the process last as long as possible. Each piece of tape was removed as if it had never been off the roll. And don’t even mention the paper!

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Here He Sits

Here he sits.66784_10152401932770164_453500106_n

A dog that was bred in Northern Scotland to rid farms, castles and other areas of vermin. A West Highland Terrier that has a tail that can be pulled out of a tunnel without pain or damage. A dog with a bark loud enough to notify the owner when he gets in that tunnel. (God’s creation amazes me by the way…)

And yet……

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Dear Older Me,

Dear Older Me,


I am thinking about the fact that today I am 56 years old. How can that be? I am not ashamed to tell my age, show my wrinkled hands or my “needs a touch up” grey head of hair. I am just glad I have more hair on my head than ends up in the drain every day that I wash it!

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