Here He Sits

Here he sits.66784_10152401932770164_453500106_n

A dog that was bred in Northern Scotland to rid farms, castles and other areas of vermin. A West Highland Terrier that has a tail that can be pulled out of a tunnel without pain or damage. A dog with a bark loud enough to notify the owner when he gets in that tunnel. (God’s creation amazes me by the way…)

And yet……

Here he sits.

Oh, our Westie, Oscar chases “vermin”….the vacuum cleaner, the broom, the trash bag left in the floor when trash is being emptied. He often perches himself on the back of the couch in front of the window so he can bark at all the “vermin” he sees outside that he knows he should be ridding us of.  328760_10151194507805164_1153729215_o

And yet, we have groundhogs that are building a condominium complex in our side and back yard that obviously know we have the “vermin” hunter sitting inside our house. I imagine they are laughing…very loudly. Some of you are envisioning those ground hogs in “Caddyshack” now, I just know it!

We continue to set humane cages in which we have caught two very large, angry raccoons as well as a skunk who has obviously enjoyed his evening escapades. The groundhogs laugh harder.

And yet…..

Here he sits. 14291913_10157445847200164_6782752419657000537_n

We have everything we need to complete the task of catching groundhogs, and yet…he just sits here. Well obviously he doesn’t sit a lot, but he cannot get out without a leash or we would never see him again! He would be gone catching all that vermin in our wooded area!

Here we sit.

We have everything we need IN CHRIST. As Christians we have life more abundantly. We have joy, peace, contentment, salvation, eternal life, all we need. And yet, we often stay seated as though we are waiting for it. Or we stay inside as if we don’t believe it.

So the choice is ours…to believe we have all we need…
stay seated.

I think I will go check the traps for our unwelcome vermin.

Maybe they heard about the Westie in the house!12654477_10156530753730164_6281594629021053449_n

Be Encouraged Today!

Isaiah 55_8-9


3 thoughts on “Here He Sits

  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE this post!!! (Of course I love reading anything you write about dogs.) I laughed so hard because my Cavashon is so much like your Westie. He’s signed up for obedience school in a couple of weeks. It was so cute I showed my hubby your post and told him here sits our next door. Your Spiritual application is right on too. As Christians we have an obligation in this world today to go forth and proclaim the Word of Life!


    1. Dog lovers unite! Ours honestly runs the joint, truth be known! The great thing about spiritual truth is that once it is firmly planted in our hearts and we know our identity, we cannot help but share it by word and action. At least that has been my experience. As always, thanks for reading my friend! Have a great weekend!

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