For Me…and You

For Me....

I was listening to some Christmas songs today at the station that weren’t all of the “classic” variety. Although I do love those, I was overwhelmed with some thoughts today. These three particularly spoke to my heart:

“Joseph’s Song” ….

“Mary, Did you Know?”….

Strange Way to Save the World.”….

There were many others in my two hour shift that I could mention.

God used two very ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Our King came as a baby, born in the most simple conditions. And he was born to die.

For me… and you.

It really makes no sense. Our King born of a young girl, in a manger of all places? Among all the animals, wrapped in rags….what is the deal?

But how thankful we are that our Father, our God…before the foundation of time began, had a plan for our salvation. He knew before we knew we would need a Savior. It didn’t catch Him by surprise.

There are so many things I don’t understand, but the one thing I know..that I am loved. That the sweet little baby took on human form

 For me…and you.

He came and he would die for me…and you. He has been in the worse of circumstances and in all that we experience, He understands…better than anyone.

If we understood all there is about God, He wouldn’t be God. It is called faith.

Christmas is actually 365 days a year for believers. Sometimes this season just allows us to really stop and be reminded of the significance.  The gospel never changes. It always has been, is…. and will be.

He is indeed Emmanuel, God with us.


The Great I Am.

For me…and you.

Merry Christmas


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

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