36 YEARS and Counting….


It seems just like yesterday honestly. We have memories individually that help us put our collective memories together. I guess that happens as you age.

We were talking about what makes a marriage last this long. We came up with a bunch of thoughts…and then we bickered. Then we laughed really hard. We have decided that those behaviors are keeping us young!

We still don’t agree with each other on everything. But it is okay. After all, it makes discussions quite lively. We both have aged, put on weight and lost hair since we married all those years ago. But it is okay. We sometimes don’t like each other. But it is okay. We aggravate each other with habits that we each have had a very long time. But it is okay.

We love each other more than we did the day we married. It isn’t just infatuation anymore (even though I think he is still awful cute.) It is a deep, abiding love that comes from going through the tough times, being committed to one another, being able to discuss our feelings, praying together and respecting one another.

The simplicity of it all is that we trust God with our lives. We treat each other as Christ loves His church. We know that a strong marriage is indeed a symbol of Christ’s love for His children. Not being “us” has never been an option.

I won’t pretend it has all been easy and the romantic novel that I assumed it would be when I was just a teenage girl.

But it has been good, very good in fact. And I must say that I adore the man that God knew would be my husband for all my days here on earth. And I love being with him. We still can have fun….in many ways! We are connected spiritually, emotionally, and physically, truly what God has put together and man will not separate. (Mark 10:9)

36 Years

I don’t know what our future holds…but I do know that together, with God’s love and guidance, we will weather any storm that comes our way. We have before, and we will again!  He has been forever faithful.


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


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3 thoughts on “36 YEARS and Counting….

  1. What a gorgeous post 🙂 36 years is not a walk in the park and really as the years go by it becomes a rarity to see marriages like this. Congratulations and well done to you two. Many more beautiful years ahead.


    1. Thank you so much JacquelineObylkocha. It is most certainly work…but we have chosen to work together..he is such a blessing to me. Of course, I feel really too young to have been married this long!!😘 Thanks again!

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