Each One is……

A New Day

We get to have a “Day One” over and over. His mercies are new each and every day!

I have been thinking about new beginnings and starting all over a lot lately. With the onset of school, and as a former educator, I believe that every student deserves to start over. Each one deserves a “new day.” We can have a new day each and every day!

It was always tempting to read and re-read a new student’s file/IEP before meeting him/her. But I soon learned that it helped just a bit if I held off a day or two until actually meeting the student. I always felt like I was giving the child a chance of sorts, that maybe the same behavior or issues might not follow him to the new school. Many times the reading of the document explained a lot of things of course….but I always felt like each deserved a chance at a new beginning, a right to start a new day.

In fact, I would always tell my kids that we can always start over. Make a mistake, correct it, put it behind you…learn from it. And begin again. We could do that each and every single day.

A new day. Day One each and every day.

There is a song we play at the station called “DAY ONE” by Matthew West

Friends, it is not just students…it is all of us. We all have made mistakes, felt guilty about our past, wondered how we could ever get past the pain, but the compassion of the Lord is new every single day. We can treat each day as our “Day One” or a  “New Beginning”

Lam 3_22-23

As your child or student starts the new school year….remember they have the right to a “Day One” and a new beginning.

And you do too.


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*Matthew West/Sparrow Records, NIV Bible, personal graphics

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