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2019 Natural


What comes to mind when you see that year?

Coming out of 2018 brings to mind many things in each of our lives.  Of course getting our first grand baby was a the most incredible thing for us this year…well for any year actually!

I also published my first book.  It felt like a very long pregnancy (25 years) and a “labor of love.”

But we have also dealt with family health issues, personal health issues, crisis times and other things like many of you.

It is life. Some years are indeed better than others. I hate to burst any bubbles out there, but it is guaranteed that in this world we will have troubles…..(John 16:3)  But we know Christ brings us peace, we can take heart, for He has overcome.

My husband said something this morning that sounds so simple.  Yet, if we really take it apart it is really pretty profound.


Let it all be natural.

Don’t try to make things happen. Quit working so hard. Just be. Rest in Christ’s peace, grace and love.  Let it flow.  

I have used the illustration before about a glass of soda.  If you pour into it, the fizz overflows over the top of the glass and onto the table. And there is still soda left in the glass!

  If we allow Jesus to “fill us up,” He will overflow onto all those around us and still be in the glass to take care of us.


Happy 2019!

~Be Encouraged Today

I Color. Don’t Judge Me.

Don't Judge

I like to color.

I have always liked to color, and just because I am 55 years old doesn’t mean I cannot color. My youngest son and daughter in law gave me a lovely coloring book for Christmas.  I quickly tucked away my “Pink Princess” one from the Dollar Tree! Continue reading I Color. Don’t Judge Me.

Simple~Take the Day Off!!


It is really Simple..Take the Day Off!

If you need permission to do so, you now officially have it!

Yes, it is Columbus Day. And as memory serves, that means a day off for most public and private schools.

My advice: if you work or go to a public/private school…enjoy your day! Don’t play “catch up” with your work at home or, God forbid, your work at school!! This is something I would do often, and quite frankly….I thought it helped me. But, I think it contributed to overload!!

Take the day OFF. Continue reading Simple~Take the Day Off!!