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Sleeping Mask

At night it is recommended that we have total darkness to sleep well.  But quite frankly I find it is impossible! I cover up the wifi light, I turn off the night lights. My humidifier’s light is off. But soon my eyes adjust and the little light coming from my diffuser, the windows which have blinds…and any other little thing that emits light has overcome the darkness. Continue reading Sleeping Mask

For Those in Authority

I am old enough to remember when it was okay to disagree, and respect was shown and given. Maybe we can return to the “good ‘ole days”.

May the Lord hear our prayer~

i-timothy-2_1-2~Be Encouraged Today~


When Words aren’t Enough…..


What do you say to a mother who has just lost her son in a tragic accident?
What words can provide hope to a seventeen year old pregnant girl whose mother may die from cancer? Continue reading When Words aren’t Enough…..