A Glimpse

“One of the boys is calling!”

We yell at each other when this incredible event takes place…my husband and I…the mom and dad of the two adult sons.  And our nightly discussion always seems to include the fact that one of them called one of us.

The “boys” are grown men with jobs, wives and mortgages. But when they call, we get pretty excited. We love talking to them. We enjoy hearing what is going on in their lives. We just want to hear all about everything.

By the same measure, when I visit my mom she just wants to sit and talk. I could always find things to “do” in her house to help her, but when one of the three of her children comes over she wants us to just sit at the table and talk.

Could this be a bit of a glimpse of the way the Abba Father feels about us? I was always pretty well taught that prayer was a list of things to ask God for…you know, bless this and that. Protect this one and that one. Lord, could you please? You know, like a grocery shopping list.

But I mean look at Martha and Mary:

I am not trying to be irreverent, and I do believe it is okay to go to Abba Father with those needs. But I also believe He just wants us to spend time with Him. To talk to Him….to share with Him and listen….especially as we get ready to celebrate His birth.

Prayer is an invitation to be involved in the work He is doing, and an opportunity to spend time with our Abba Father, the one who loves us most. He is a personal God and I sometimes forget that…and that we are daughters and sons of the King.

So…..a glimpse?

I think so.

~Be Encouraged Today~



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