Baby Congrats and Christmas


When I give baby gifts, this is what I usually write:


Which made me pause and wonder…..

Would I write the same sentiment on the card I delivered to Mary upon the birth of her sweet son, Jesus? 

After all, he was not just A “baby” that would introduce Mary to what the unconditional love of a parent felt like….

JESUS was Unconditional Love. Unconditional love born in human form.

Unconditional Love

I know that God’s love has always been….since God has been God. But on that particular night, unconditional love became flesh. Hope was truly born.

That is a pretty big deal.

It is not just about celebrating a special birthday.
It is not just about a time for family.
It is not just about the exchange of presents.
And quite frankly, it is not about Santa…sorry folks.

It is about love-unconditional love-being born in the most unlikely place, under the most unlikely circumstances and in the most unlikely way.


That indeed gives us all hope. Hope that in the mess of our lives, in the mess of this world…we have that unconditional love available to us.

Through a baby…born in a manager!



I might just have to change up my next baby congratulations card.


*NIV Bible, personal graphics


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