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Powder Sachet and A Song


Avon’s Rapture Powder Sachet…1964.

My mom was showing me a small, old overnight piece of luggage that my grandmother use to carry back and forth to our house when she spent the night. It was silver and gray and always full of treasures. Continue reading Powder Sachet and A Song

Simple Gift


Simple Gift

She glanced at the huge box on the table. Could it be hers? What could possibly be in that beautiful box? How long would she have to wait to find out? The suspense was almost more than her little 9 year old heart could handle!

Her daddy had brought the large box in and sat it on the table. He had looked at her and grinned, then walked out of the room. She sat on the couch, unable to take her eyes off the box. Her daddy had been gone on a business trip and always found something to bring home to her. This had to be one of those gifts!

She sat still for what seemed like an eternity. Where did he go? Should she open the box? Should she wait until he came back into the room and ask him? Should she get up and go find him? She tried to keep her mind occupied, but her mind would not concentrate on anything but that huge box!

In a few minutes her daddy walked back into the room. Her anticipation had grown.  She sat waiting for his instructions. None came. He just sat down in his chair. “What is he waiting for?” she thought to herself. “Is that for me or not?” she thought.

Five minutes passed and she tried to act as if she had not noticed the box, but it was driving her crazy. When she looked at her daddy, he smiled politely and simply looked back out the window. This was torture!

Another five minutes drove the daughter practically into madness. She had always been taught to be polite and was not sure if she should just come out and ask for the box. Finally she asked her daddy, “Daddy, I have to ask…is the gift for me?” “Why yes my precious daughter, the gift is yours.” The daughter jumped up and went to get the gift.

As she opened it she found so many of her favorite things. She found books, seashells, flowers, a picture of a bird and music. All of these things were precious to her.  She loved to read and write, give gifts of beauty to others, sing, play the piano.  She received the gifts with such thanksgiving. Daddy was so pleased, he loved being able to gift his little girl.

“Daddy” she asked. “Why did you wait so long to tell me the gift was mine?” “Well sweetheart” he replied, “I was waiting for you to simply ask for it. The gift was yours the whole time. You just had to make the decision to receive it.”

What gifts has the Father given you that you have not received? Has the Father offered you the gift of salvation? What are you waiting for? Has He given you gifts in which you can use to glorify Him and serve others? Or are you leaving them to sit in the box? Has the Father simply offered you the beauty of a seashell, but have you looked past it not receiving it as the gift of beauty to bring you joy? Whatever the gift is..our Father is a gentleman, and he will not force it on you. He gives out of love.

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.” 1 Corinthians 12:4

What gifts has the Father left for you to find and receive? Believe me, it is not a mystery…you won’t have to look hard…

Be blessed~


Isaiah 55:8-9

*google image, NIV Bible*

Stove Knobs Part 1


How to fix the stove knob. Part 1

That was my google search. My knob needed fixed, at the time my husband was at work. To say that I am mechanical in anyway would be a complete and utter lie. Quite frankly, my husband does not claim that talent either. However, to say that I am stubborn is the complete and utter truth. Or we could say determined…you may decide. Nevertheless, the search began!

I soon found the stove make and model and realized that I needed some special tools that did not include the small hammer and kitchen knife I used for every other “fix it” job I encountered. So, I opened the door of my husband’s shed…and yes, the toolbox was calling my name! Everything I ever needed to fix anything I needed fixed was right there!! Those tools had been there forever, but I really never knew I had them at my disposal.

Armed and now ready for battle, I took my newly discovered toolbox and headed for the kitchen. I was ready to fix that knob. It sounded like a simple enough job, and remember…I was “determined”. With printed instructions in one hand and my toolbox in another, I began my session.

Many times I had the same thought…”what is this tool”? I could not even begin to know how to use them. What good was that tool chest going to do me I did not know what the tools were or what their purpose was? If the toolbox just laid next to me on the floor it was not doing any good either.

So as any determined woman would do, I headed to the internet again. “How to Use Tools” seemed logical. Yes, I found more instructions and you will be interested (or not) to know that I fixed that knob in ten minutes!! Even I was surprised at my accomplishment! I had the instructions and the tool box. Applying that knowledge with the tools I possessed solved the problem at hand.

Stay tuned to Part 2 of STOVE KNOBS” to find out what this means to you!! Ephesians 4:11-15…..It’s good stuff!

Blessings dear ones…


Isaiah 55:8-9

*google search image, NIV Bible*