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Powder Sachet and A Song


Avon’s Rapture Powder Sachet…1964.

My mom was showing me a small, old overnight piece of luggage that my grandmother use to carry back and forth to our house when she spent the night. It was silver and gray and always full of treasures. Continue reading Powder Sachet and A Song

Nothing for Granted!

Not for granted

It is not Father’s Day, Husband’s Day, my beloved’s birthday or even our anniversary. It is an ordinary day. I worked all day at the boutique.

And like every other day the last almost four years, I have come home to a clean house, completed laundry and a delicious dinner. No, it is not a “maid” or someone trying to impress me or win me over.

It is my husband of 35 years. Continue reading Nothing for Granted!

35 Years Ago Today…..The Secret!

35 Years Ago Today….


I married this skinny 20 year old boy from the east side of town. I was 19 and we married between semesters of college. The church was already decorated; even though green and red are my least favorite colors in the world. We had a woman “practice” the beginning of her photography career on us, and the dress was a second hand dress from a friend who had worn it in a pageant. I actually paid more for the hat, it was 1979 after all.

The church had just barely completed a total auditorium remodel the day before, it was icy outside, the cake was lop sided with a knife propping up one side, and my dad wasn’t even in attendance. We did not send out invitations, having put it in the local paper and I just hoped someone would show up. And they did. Continue reading 35 Years Ago Today…..The Secret!