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Looks can be Deceiving…Hanging On!

(Departing from ~The Ocean Series~ today)

Sometimes “looks can be deceiving.”  Case in point. Look at picture #1.  What a man!  He is a great climber, especially for his age!fullsizeoutput_36c0

As I have listened, prayed, studied and re-evaluated so many things in my life the last couple of weeks, this seemed so fitting.

A person can “look” good on the outside, but on the inside it is a different story.  We can “photoshop” pictures like we can our own lives.  We want it to look perfect…like we have accomplished something, or that we have it all together, when actually we sometimes don’t even get off the ground. Check out picture #2!

And actually, that is okay.  We can only do what we can do.  Quit putting pressure on yourself.  Once we surrender our lives to Christ we quit trying to “perform.”  We don’t have to pretend for anyone.


We can be who God designed us to be, and not pretend to be something we are not. Our lives are not perfect and there is pain sometimes.  Transparency and honesty bring healing.


And truthfully, sometimes we are just hanging on as best we can…

~Be Encouraged Today~


~The Ocean Series~ Gentle Waves

The OceanSeries

The waves are gentle and their sound is sweet.  They don’t “hit” the shore, they gently rock it. Sometimes you just have to let the rhythmic ocean waves cradle you in rest.   

Another beautiful gift from the sea. Rest for the weary.  Even the memories of those waves bring peace and healing that only the Father could generate.

~Be Encouraged Today~


~The Ocean Series~ Cast Your Line

I admit that I am not a person who has ever enjoyed fishing.  Walking along the beach many times, there seems to always be a fisherman or two casting their lines.  I watch them as they throw a long piece of filament out hoping to catch the “big one”. 

As I have traveled back from this road of panic, the Father has reminded me over and over how He has never left my side and never will. It has been quite humbling to open up about it and risk judgment. But in fact, I am to “cast my cares/anxieties on HIM, for He is watching over me carefully.”

So I can throw those awful things out far into the waters and Christ will receive them, He will carry them. He is for me, not against me.  

And that my friends is good news.  So now I stay close to shore or even on the walkway, but who knows, maybe someday I will be able to actually cast that line into the sea!

~Be Encouraged Today~