Looks can be Deceiving…Hanging On!

(Departing from ~The Ocean Series~ today)

Sometimes “looks can be deceiving.”  Case in point. Look at picture #1.  What a man!  He is a great climber, especially for his age!fullsizeoutput_36c0

As I have listened, prayed, studied and re-evaluated so many things in my life the last couple of weeks, this seemed so fitting.

A person can “look” good on the outside, but on the inside it is a different story.  We can “photoshop” pictures like we can our own lives.  We want it to look perfect…like we have accomplished something, or that we have it all together, when actually we sometimes don’t even get off the ground. Check out picture #2!

And actually, that is okay.  We can only do what we can do.  Quit putting pressure on yourself.  Once we surrender our lives to Christ we quit trying to “perform.”  We don’t have to pretend for anyone.


We can be who God designed us to be, and not pretend to be something we are not. Our lives are not perfect and there is pain sometimes.  Transparency and honesty bring healing.


And truthfully, sometimes we are just hanging on as best we can…

~Be Encouraged Today~


4 thoughts on “Looks can be Deceiving…Hanging On!

  1. This is a terrific illustration Tammy. It’s exactly what I needed today because I must remember that God knows All and has us safely in His Hand. The Truth will prevail even when some want to doctor it to profess something else! We are going through a time of testing. There are forces in our church who are trying to stir up strife (the same people who split our church twice previously) in a very happy, loving, generous and growing church.

    A woman and a man (imagine Jezabel and Haman) who are so controlling and insecure who are trying to turn the “old guard” of the church against my husband (pastor) with half-truths, just like Satan did with Eve. God has shown His favor on us throughout and I pray that He will change her heart for it is a waste to have this occur when our church is growing with new members, hungry-to-learn Scripture.

    Either way we are content because we know God directs our paths and we are doing His Will no matter what, wherever that is! Praise God we have more new members than old guard ones. I know you will pray for our situation, you wise woman of God, and blessings and thanks back to you, ❤


    1. Oh dear friend! I have seen this so many times before, it is ridculous and not what believers should do. You know that you have my prayers. When the Father is at work, the enemy is scared. May His mighty hand of protection surround you and may the truth be revealed. Stand firm and remember that you have nothing to defend. HE will defend you…just stand firm and no matter the outcome and choice of others, He will surround you with His peace and love. Love you Ellie!!

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      1. Oh Tammy you are so wonderful! Thank you.

        Last evening at Prayer meeting, I stood up beside my husband. Feeling like Joshua, Deborah, Esther and Elijah all rolled into one, spoke lovingly and firmly that half-truths and outright lies were being spread around the church to cause descension to this church and harm the pastor. This. Must. Stop. I asked for prayer and every single one of them came up, placed their hands on us and prayed beautiful, heartfelt words of encouragement and love. ❤

        You are so right, I have peace because God has us in His Hand – evil cannot prevail. What can man do to us.


        1. So glad they prayed for you! I will continue to pray. Sometimes the choices of man indeed try to stand in the way of truth, but again…it will always prevail. Love you dear friend! Continue to Hang on to our Savior!!! Much love!!


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