In Whom?

In Whom

Where Does Our Trust Lie?

Remember the game, LIFE? I am not a game player, but it did capture some of life. I used to get so frustrated. I wanted to win!! That’s why it is not good for me to play…I become competitive!

There are some spaces missing if memory serves me correctly. I don’t recall a cancer space. I don’t remember seeing anything about loss of a spouse, or divorce. In fact, there are many spaces missing.

And what about Scrabble?  Taking all those letters and trying to make some sense out of them!  Kind of like the circumstances in our life…putting them together and trying to make sense out of them!


There is not a person I know that is not dealing with something major or minor in their life. And if they are not…they will be dealing with something soon.

And let’s not even talk about what is going on in our world! Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss……

But in whom do we place our trust?

This is the scripture I have heard in my heart over and over lately:

Some trust in.....

The psalmist was referring to war chariots, and of course the horses were essential during war. Trusting in the Lord during these times of war and battle was extraordinary.

It is really no different today….it is not our government, our money, our prestige, our power, our technology….nothing else really warrants our trust. All will fail.  We were without internet for two days and I will tell you….it was very strange, I have come to depend on it, but I certainly cannot trust it to uphold me!

BUT GOD ALMIGHTY, maker of heavens and earth…wants our trust.  We may not know the outcome, we may not know how we will possibly take that next step….but our creator, our deliverer, our constant….in Him we can place our trust.

So I must choose daily…sometimes hourly….to place my trust in my Abba. How grateful I am!

Have you been counting on any chariots lately?

~Be Blessed

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, on line commentaries

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