Summer “Sing”

The story behind it....

It is no secret that I am moved by music. Even though I could never learn how to play the piano (my mom is a gifted artist), I did sing on a praise team or two.

I announce music on a contemporary Christian radio station and am able to be around it a lot. The love of God is presented through the music and the message and brings me such peace.

But in the midst of my “contemporary” music setting, I have not lost sight of the old hymns of years gone by. Many times artists will present a hymn in contemporary fashion, or simply record it with the original music and lyrics.

There are so many stories behind these hymns! Maybe I am getting older…but I so appreciate the heritage that singing them with my grandmother gave me. And I believe that they should not be lost.

Want a great summer idea? How about getting an old hymnal and choosing some hymns to explore? You don’t have to know how to sing! But looking for the “story behind the song” is a sweet experience.


For example, one of my favorite hymns that I sang at my dad’s funeral was “Precious Lord.” It was written by Thomas Andrew Dorsey, (July 1, 1899 – January 23, 1993). He was known as “the father of black gospel music”. His wife died in childbirth in 1932, and his son two days later. In the midst of his grief, he sat down at a piano and wrote the lyrics and the words to this incredible hymn.

So here is your summer challenge….you might even sing along…and like me raise a hand or two!

~Be Blessed


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, share,

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