Simple Animation

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Simple Animation

My eldest son is a graphic designer.  When he was a little guy he was quite an animator and cartoonist.  Art has always been in his blood!

He created character after character.  He has several sketch books full of cartoons he created…it amazes me actually.  There was always one problem.  Even though his imagination was always moving at break neck speed, his characters remained still on the paper.  He never saw movement. It frustrated him time and time again.

“Mom, in my head Blinky (one of many characters) is moving up and down the stairs.  Why can’t I get him to do it? Why won’t he move where I can see it?”

In a day before computer animation, a frustrated artist can breed discontent in the whole house.  I suggested that he draw on a number of pages, each one a little different in movement than the one before.  A small flip book could be a solution for this inanimate guy!

“Son, this will take some time, but I think you will see Blinky move soon.”  It took time, but he did it with enthusiasm.

Soon there was a small pad of Blinkys.  “Flip through the pad like this son.”  Soon I heard giggles of delight!  “He is moving Mom.  He is doing what I created him to do and what I always see in my head.”

“See honey, Blinky was simply something on a sheet of paper.  You, his creator…had to animate him.  Without your life and your hand, he was nothing but an image.  He had to be made alive by you.  You and you alone had the ability to make him live.  You animated him!  Your life, your plans, your desires, your movements…all came to life through Blinky.”

Yep, that is us folks!  We are that inanimate character.  We are nothing without our creator.  He animates HIS life through us!  We are no different from Blinky.  We surrender our life and the Creator animates His life through us.

Colossians 3:3 “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”

How animated are we?

Be Blessed~

Isaiah 55:8-9

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